Sisters Bible Study
Finding I Am by Lysa TerKeurst

  • The first video session as an introduction to the series.
  • Then each week in your personal study time you will study one, or sometimes two, I AM statements
  • And then in the video following your week of study, the author, Lysa, will unpack the I AM statements you just studied that week.

This was an intentional format because Lysa wants us to study the I AM statement for ourselves, dig into Scripture on our own about each one, before she gives us her thought on the subject.

You will have four days of personal study each week with an optional fifth day. That optional fifth day is just that, optional - don't feel like you have to do it. It's only if you want to take the study to the next level.

We will be looking at many passages in the Gospel of Joh, but we won't be stydying the whole book. What the optional fifth day of personal study will do is walk y ou through the entire Gospel of John a few chapters at a time.

Nov. 16   Session 1 Video Intro. and discussion questions on p. 10-11
personal study: read Bread, p. 13-37 for the next session

Nov. 30   Session 2 Video and discussion on Bread p. 38-39
personal study: read Light p. 41-65 for the next session

Dec. 7   Session 3 Video and discussion on Light p 66-67
personal study: read Gate p. 68-99 for the next session

Dec. 14   Christmas Gathering at Trish's house 11:30. Bring a salad or sandwich, drinks and dessert provided. Chinese Gift Exchange - bring a dish towel limit $10.00

Jan. 4   Session 4 Video and discussion on Gate p. 100-101 (Wendy)
personal study: read Life p. 102-131 for the next session

Jan. 11   Session 5 Video and discussion on Life p. 132-133
personal study: read Vine p. 134-157

Jan. 18   Session 6 Video and discussion on Vine p. 158-159

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