Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Asking and Receiving

In Mark 10: 46-52 The blind man asks for Jesus to have mercy on him. Did you ever wonder why Jesus asked him what the man wanted, when He already knew he was blind?  It was important to the blind man, and is to us to ask for His help. By asking, we take the time to be in relationship with God. He doesn’t just want to be our Savior and Provider, he wants more. Because he loves us so much, He wants an intimate relationship with us.

In Matthew 7:8 Jesus says, “Everyone who asks receives.” Jesus tells us to be persistent in pursuing God. Knowing God takes faith, focus and follow-through, because it is the process of being in relationship with Him. Many of Jesus’ parables are about bold, specific asking. Even though He already knows our needs before we ask, He insists on specific requests. Why?
  • Maybe it is so that when the answer comes we will recognize it.
  • Perhaps it is so that when the answer comes we will see how it is different from our own limited view.
  • Maybe it is so that we will better remember having voiced our request.
  • Or perhaps it is so we will give thanks when our request is answered.
  • Maybe the asking and receiving is a way to better witness to others in our world than by simply granting unspoken requests.

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