Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Taking a Stand, or Causing Division?

Have you had about enough of politics for quite a while? Me too. Even though the election is over,
repercussions from our voting reverberate throughout America. There are always people who are unhappy, no matter what choices voters make. Lately our society is so divsive, angry and just plain mean. So much of what I hear on the news reminds me of the playground antics of the elementary school children I taught. Apparently, many adults never learned the lessons of proper behavior when disagreements arise.

I just read the best article on Crosswalks.  In it Veronica Nef points out that “There’s a Difference Between Taking a Stand and ‘Causing Division’. She sure hit the nail on the head with that statement didn't she?

 I urge you to read this well written and thoughly thought provoking article:

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